• About Us:

    Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, The Iravani Group is on a mission to redefine events for the AEC Industry.

    We specialize in creating forums that facilitate the exchange of ideas among senior leadership in the built environment. Our world-class gatherings foster collaboration, innovation, and meaningful discussions that drive industry forward.

Our Event(Ful) History

  • 2012

    In 2012, recognizing the potential of public-private partnerships and other alternative delivery models to facilitate private sector investment in infrastructure, Eric Iravani created the Public-Private Partnership Conference & Expo (P3C). The goal of the conference was to establish a gathering between government and private enterprises, fostering collaboration and innovation in the industry.

  • 2013-2015

    P3C established itself as a significant information and networking event in response to the increasing trend of U.S. states authorizing the use of alternative project delivery methods. Over time, P3C evolved into the premier annual gathering dedicated to the Global P3 market, solidifying its position as the leading platform in the industry.

  • 2016

    In 2016, P3C expanded its offerings by introducing the P3 Higher Education Summit. The comprehensive program shed light on the diverse array of P3 initiatives taking place on college campuses nationwide, offering insights from key team members involved in the most prominent projects.

    The P3 Higher Education Summit emerged as a valuable platform for fostering knowledge exchange and networking within the higher education and P3 sectors.

  • 2017

    P3C launched the P3 Water Summit, quickly establishing it as a leading water infrastructure event in the country. The summit highlighted the growing importance of public-private partnerships in the national dialogue on water infrastructure.

    In the same year, P3C introduced two more impactful events: the P3 Airport Summit and the P3 Government Conference. Both gatherings focused on legislation, best practices, and major projects in their respective infrastructure sectors.

  • 2018

    In 2018, P3C unveiled its highly anticipated Health Care Project Delivery Conference, focusing on the intersection of alternative project delivery and the healthcare industry.

    Additionally, P3C launched the Convention, Sports, & Entertainment Facilities Conference in the same year.

    Towards the end of 2018, P3C Media was acquired by Access Intelligence, a large B2B media and information company based in Rockville, MD, As part of the acquisition, the P3C event portfolio integrated into Access Intelligence's Infrastructure division.

  • 2020

    In response to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Eric and Tyson Iravani proactively spearheaded the transformation of the entire portfolio of infrastructure events into an online format. Despite the crippling impact on events in 2020, their relentless efforts ensured that the industry's gatherings continued virtually, enabling attendees to engage and connect from the safety of their own spaces.

  • 2023

    In 2023, Eric and Tyson create The Iravani Group, an event studio that collaborates with industry leaders to conceive, launch, and elevate game-changing B2B events. Drawing upon their two decades of production experience, the formation of The Iravani Group represents the realization of their shared vision—a dynamic launching platform designed to amplify the speed and effectiveness of live conferences for the AEC industry.


  • Our collective expertise spans more than twenty years.

    We specialize in curating high-impact conferences that bring together key industry players, thought leaders, and experts under one roof.

Our Leadership

  • Eric Iravani

    Meet Eric Iravani, the co-founder and CEO of The Iravani Group. With a passion for driving growth and innovation, Eric spearheads the company's expansion strategy through the launch of new events and strategic corporate partnerships.

    Before assuming this role, Eric made a significant impact as the founder and CEO of P3C Media, a leading b2b conference and trade show production company in the AEC industry. With a keen eye for market needs, Eric played a pivotal role in launching some of the most significant construction and project delivery conferences in the AEC market.

    Under Eric's leadership, P3C Media flourished, creating a diverse portfolio of events that attract over 10,000 attendees from more than 5,000 companies and 25 countries annually. His dedication to providing invaluable insights and networking opportunities has solidified P3C Media's reputation as a key player in the industry. P3C Media was acquired by Access Intelligence in 2018.

    Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Eric honed his skills as an investment banker at Piper Jaffray. With a wealth of experience in the AEC industry and a track record of success, Eric Iravani continues to be a driving force in shaping the landscape of construction conferences.

  • Tyson Iravani

    Meet Tyson Iravani, co-founder of Iravani Group, playing a pivotal role in driving the company's overall corporate strategy and spearheading the implementation and performance of key strategic initiatives. His vision encompasses enhancing value for all stakeholders through focused efforts in marketing operations, customer experience, data, digital initiatives, and product innovation.

    Tyson brings to the table over 10 years of diverse experience across B2B industries, having previously served as the executive director of P3C Media. His leadership was instrumental in propelling the company's success in the event production landscape.

    Before venturing into the world of event management, Tyson honed his financial acumen as a portfolio analyst at Greenwich Capital and as an associate for The D.E. Shaw Group. With an impressive blend of financial expertise and b2b media management, Tyson iscontinuously transforming ideas into impactful gatherings that foster innovation, collaboration, and exponential growth.

Who We Work With

A Few Words From Our Clients

This is the most valuable venue for industry professionals to meet and discuss emerging methods. Skanska appreciated the program, speakers, and exhibits. They were professionally managed and coordinated.

Senior Vice President,

Skanska USA Building

Eric and Tyson Iravani produce some of the strongest gatherings of professionals in our industry. The speakers and sessions are terrific with the highest profile projects in the market.

President - Public Institutions Team

Jones Lang LaSalle

The conference provided an excellent opportunity to share ideas and information about best practices in our market. Participants from a well-rounded cross section of the industry attended, offering unique networking opportunities.

Vice Chancellor, Planning and Budget

University of California, Merced