May 30-31, 2024 | Dallas, TX | Hyatt Regency

Revolutionizing Construction: Embracing Alternative Construction Approaches to Deliver High Quality Housing Solutions

Construction labor shortfalls in relation to current and projected construction demand, shrinking labor pools across construction trades, ongoing supply chain disruptions, unpredictable pricing and the continuation of a technology driven economy have created an opportunity, some might say necessity, to re-think how we build buildings.

Alternative construction methods focused on off-site assemblies and modules can offer housing authorities, residential developers and owners, pathways to deliver high quality housing more effectively and efficiently than traditional on-site construction practices. In this session, we will focus on off-site volumetric modular construction and why this solution made sense for a residential community in the Minneapolis area. In a recent ULI Trends conference in Phoenix, AZ, it was unveiled that the industry is facing a pressing challenge; a labor shortfall exceeding 500,000 construction workers, compounded by a demand for 3,800 skilled positions for every additional $1B in construction. This is on top of corollary issues traditional construction practices currently experience, including expertise and skill development lag, extending schedule durations, and compromised construction quality levels.

Off-site construction methodologies promise familiar outcomes but necessitate a significant departure from entrenched systems to realize the full benefits. From financial paradigms to regulatory frameworks, the conventional steps to success no longer suffice in incorporating these off-site strategies. New ways of thinking, doing, behaving, evaluating, financing, and designing are needed to realize the full benefits off-site construction offers. We will examine those benefits in this session.

Prepare for an industry paradigm shift by reframing your systems, sequences, paths, and mindsets. Regardless of your current stance or construction practices, the time is now to align with off-site construction approaches. Our session will spotlight a compelling case study, 'The Eddi,' offering actionable insights to ready yourself for a future that is off-site. 

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