May 30-31, 2024 | Dallas, TX | Hyatt Regency

Mitigating Displacement: City of Austin’s Redevelopment Equity Project

Residential and commercial displacement is sometimes an unintended consequence of public sector-sponsored, large-scale real estate redevelopment projects, even when they incorporate aggressive affordability goals. To help guide future redevelopment, the City of Austin commissioned a study to understand whether displacement occurred around past City-led projects, and if so, to whom and to what degree. The study also includes a set of policy, engagement, and development agreement term recommendations to mitigate displacement near its next set of projects. Come and learn about how Austin plans to advance the City’s goals for addressing equitable investments and displacement prevention measures for its residents, small businesses, and cultural venues, and facilities. A critical component of this session will be a discussion on the applicability and type of tools available to public-led redevelopment processes.

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